Welcome to the Well-test Web Wizard. In this module, the wizard will guide you through the process of validating a set of analysis data. This one of the most important (and surprisingly difficult) parts of well-test analysis.

The analysis data should be prepared and ready to start an analysis. The following assumes that you have PIE running and have selected the flow-period you want to analyse.

The following decision process is based on using the derivative plot for the analysis. If you are not familiar with what a derivative plot is (or would just like a quick review), please click here. To display a derivative plot in PIE, just select the "Derivative" option under the PLOT pull-down menu.

The following pages ask you to do a calculation or select an item from a list. Questions for you to answer are prefaced with a "Q:" and a list of acceptable answers are prefaced with "A:". If you want the wizard to help you, you should select an answer to the questions. So we start with the first and most obvious question:

Q: What kind of fluid is being produced from the well you are analysing?

A1: the well is producing OIL

A2: the well is producing GAS