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What We Do...

Well-Test Solutions was formed during 1997 to develop technically advanced software products for the analysis of pressure transient tests in oil and gas wells. PIE is the name of our software package and it contains a number of features not available in the other software on the market. This package is supported by major oil companies and there is an ongoing development program to add new type-curve models and analysis features.

In addition to software development, we provide consulting services to analyse well tests. While routine well-test work is carried out with speed and efficiency, we specialise in working with reservoir engineering teams to help fit the "dynamic data" from a well-test into an integrated reservoir description. This is particularly useful for extended well-tests where the transient behaviour of the well can provide an important insight into the reservoir description.

In short, we have the software, and we have the expertise, to help you solve all your well-testing needs!

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