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To purchase a PIE License, please fill-in all the items in the form shown below. The license duration can be between 1 to 365 days long. The cost of a PIE license is charged at a uniform daily rate. A preview of the license cost will be shown each time you change either the License duration, the PIE version, or the number of concurrent users on the local network.

All versions of PIE include data-processing, PTA analysis-plots, routine PTA analysis calculations, parameter estimates, type-curve simulation, and multi-well simulation. More details about common features and the free "PIE Reader" version are shown here.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you enter a valid e-mail address. This will be used to send a receipt of your purchase and backup download instructions. This e-mail will also be used to notify you of PIE updates.

NOTE: Your payment is processed by Stripe on their secure servers. WTS does not see, store, or have access to your payment details. The information for your PIE License is held on secure servers provided by Amazon Web-Services.

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